Protect Your Reputation

Protect Your Reputation

Retain a criminal defense attorney in Abilene, TX

If you're being charged with a crime, don't risk incriminating yourself and making things worse. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Abilene, Texas to defend against your charge. Whether you need a DUI attorney or you're facing felony charges, the team at Reyes Law Firm will work toward the best possible outcome for your situation.

Call us today to discuss your case with a Spanish-speaking attorney. Mrs. Garces takes cases involving white-collar crimes, violent crimes, domestic violence, theft and embezzlement.

What should you do if you get arrested?

Getting arrested is an intimidating and stressful experience, and it can be difficult to know what you should do. If you've been arrested, you should:

  • Cooperate with the officers
  • Ask for a criminal defense attorney
  • Remain silent until your attorney arrives

If you speak to the officers about your case without your attorney, you run the risk of incriminating yourself-and that information can be used against you in court.

Arrested for drunk driving? Speak to a DUI attorney in Abilene, Texas today by calling 325-672-7000.